Tuesday, June 27, 2006

This is the plate that was on Kokopelli. I'll miss parking next to Skid and have people look at the plates, look puzzled and walk away scratching their heads. This was one of the very few things that weren't ruined in the accident. I paid the dealer $7.92 for this 2 dollar frame..guess that's the world of paying retail! I had a stack of these last winter, now some of you have them:-)
I provided the chrome bolt caps, and think it looks quite spiffy!

Monday, June 26, 2006

It's been one month and one day since the accident. I'm still pretty sore and gimpy, but the new bike is calling my name. I just have to try a short ride. Actually this is my second of the day, no one was around to take pictures the first time. I'm on my way for another short look....this one really wore me out, time to hit the chair for the rest of the day. I love the way the bike rides, better than I expected!

Leaving the driveway.

Getting 'er straightened out...................

Riding off into the sunset!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Zack", one of the service techs from Far West Cycle rides in on the new 900. With the assembly check ride and the ride to the house, the clock is showing exactly 5 miles! Sounds very nice. Not loud and powerful, but sort of mild and unassuming. The fun begins!

If all goes well, a truck is suppose to show up tomorrow to pick up the Wing, and all the loose parts that were picked up on the highway at the scene of the accident. Kawani will take over the spot on the lift for a good detailing and the first little additions. Wish I hadn't sold so much stuff last winter, I could have used some of the goodies on this one!

This poster was given to me by American Rider Magazine, it was the cover for the Aug. 1995 issue. this was my bike on the cover. Wonder if the little 900 will ever turn out like this? Don't hold your breath waiting...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

First clothes since the accident. I couldn't have my first picture on the new bike taken in sweat pants! Good thing the picture doesn't show how I'm really feeling right now. Very happy and excited, but hurting like heck! Bike starts and sound good. Pretty quiet engine, and the stock pipes aren't bad. As soon as someone comes up with a good aftermarke seat, I'll be in the market. It does sit very low, and the bars are nice. If I was able, I'd be on it right now instead of sitting here at home. The dealer will deliver it here to the house in the morning. Kawani is alive!

Look familiar? This plate was on Kokopelli. I'll have to get some small chrome bolts to finish off the frame I bought today.

Cory, the Far West Cycle Service Manager, is putting on the final touches and giving it a wipe down.

Moving the crate from the recently delivery products into the area where assembly will start. It's "High Noon" on June 20, 2006. I'll take a few pictures now, then return later to see the finished product. Still convalescing with several broken and cracked bones and lots of lumps and bruises. I'm happy to have the oportunity to be here for the "unveiling" of the new bike!

It's ready for the opening! The uncrating will start here.

I've done a "walk around", it all looks good from what I can see. I'm amazed at the quality of the metal crate that the bike is in. Looks like it would take a lot of abuse and still protect the bike. I'm sure a lot of research and engineering went into these crates. All the Kawaskis that are shipped from Japan come in these metal jobs, the ones that come in from Lincoln, Nebraska are in wooden crates. This one came direct from the land of the Rising Sun!

Just another look from a different view.

Side view. I noticed a couple places where the crate was slightly damaged, but the bike looks very good!

After unbolting the top assemble, Cory will move it to the scrap metal pile.

After getting the top off, Cory is cutting the nylon straps that are holding the part boxes on.

The crate break down is going fast.

Moving right along. The "rattle wrench" really speeds up the process of removing the crate parts. All the metal is disposed of after the bike is assembled.

Service manager Cory is sorting and counting some on the items on the inventory list. Because we live in Oregon, they supply these black paddles in case of heavy rain!

From the rear. I've been here for over 30 minutes now, and he pain is getting too much to handle. I'm going to have to go home for awhile and return to see the fineshed bike later this afternoon!

Harold Moore. He's been a dealer here in the Bay Area of Oregon for over 30 years. We've bought several bikes and a lot of parts from him and his wife Liinde. They are good people! He gave me a very fair price on this bike. Harold has Kawaski, Suzuki and it think other brands of jet ski's and ATV's. He was the local Harley dealer for years, but recently sold that franchise.

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